Paris Jackson Releases Her Debut Single ‘Let Down,’ Announces Album ‘Wilted’

Paris Jackson has unveiled her debut solo single let down which will feature on her upcoming album Wilted, due for release November 13th. Released through Republic Records, the track is written by Paris and produced by Andy Hull.

Filled with gentle guitar instrumentation, the melancholic track sees Paris’s gorgeous emotive vocals soar as she sings: “Let me down again, Break me, flush me down the drain,” while wistfully crooning over a lost romance. Unforced, gentle and deeply moving, let down is an impressive debut that signals that Paris is an exciting musical force that outweighs her being a mere curiosity act as the daughter of famous parents.

The singer told the NY Post a little more about their new album: “Everyone was just so welcoming and so kind and they held this project to be, like, very sacred. They understood my emotional connection to it and understood that this is my baby. They didn’t want to do anything that wasn’t authentic to who I am and they just took it to the next level.”

Full details on Wilted are yet to be released.

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