Gay Hip-Pop Star TeawhYB Releases New Track ‘Taking Up Space’

Alt-Hip-Pop artist TeawhYB drops his newest single Taking Up Space. The rising gay talent shines on the smooth track which launches a scathing critique of the current political class with lines such as “Cause the ones out here breaking the law, are the same ones making them.” The talented up and comer expands on the new track:

“When you look up in the sky, can you distinguish the stars from the satellites? In an age where facts get played off as “fake news”, we seek our own answers to determine truth. In America, we’ve fallen into two realities, divided by party and built on fear, while the powers at be simply “do their jobs”. Helplessly drifting and hoping for peace, we go through the motions and feel as if we’re just Taking Up Space’

TeawhYB uses the well-known Scooby Doo iconography as an analogy for the way people are hoodwinked by the current US political establishment, whilst also crafting a sense of fun which reflects the energetic, pop production. Smooth vocals from the performer help sell the track’s prescient message.

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