Irish Glam-Pop Star Jack Rua Releases Electronic Pop Anthem ‘Isolation’

Irish rising queer talent Jack Rua’s newest single Isolation tackles the theme of loneliness, set against soaring electronic production and icy synths. Tackling emotions of frustration and pain, Isolation was inspired by Jack being split from his partner by the COVID pandemic – a fate experienced by many of us during lockdown.

The singer notes: “It was written about how I was separated from my boyfriend for 2 months because of the COVID pandemic. We had only just gotten into a relationship and were enjoying the throws of the infamous honeymoon period, so to be separated from each other for such a period of time for reasons beyond our control was very difficult.” Yet whilst inspired by a frustrating and stressful time beyond the singer’s control, Jack’s track has an energetic, poppy feel packed with ear-worming hooks and smooth engaging vocals.

Isolation joins Jack’s ever growing discography, featuring his recently released 2020 album Narcissus which spawned singles: Curious, Rise, Ego, and Scarlet A, as well as four non-single tracks.

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