Queer Musical Talent AlexZone Drops New Hyperpop Single With FIA ’11 (Nasty)’

Familiarise yourself with rising queer talent AlexZone with his new collaborative single with FIA dubbed 11 (Nasty). The blend of both artist’s vocals creates an intoxicating pop combination – especially when paired with bouncing hyper-electronic production thanks to FIA’s ear for crafting a great pop banger.

The chorus which sees FIA sing: “I’ve been delusional, Walking ’round like I’m your only girl, But I know that you fucked with him too, I’ve come to terms, With your past but not your present…” conjuring up the idea of relationship gone sour with potential cheating. The track is an energetic pop anthem with AlexZone and FIA’s verses showcasing different angles of a shared narrative.

AlexZone is a budding hyperpop icon operating out of Chicago and has been showcasing himself as one of contemporary queer pop’s most exciting rising talents with anthems like Never In Love and Tie Me Down! FIA has had a similarly productive 2020 with pop treats Demands, Miss Me and Ride.

Connect with both artists below:

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