Uruguayan Pop Star Max Tejera Releases ‘Calma’ (‘Calm’)

Beautiful Uruguayan pop star and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Max Tejera is currently celebrating the release of his most recent single Calma (translating to English as ‘Calm’).

The moody pop anthem opens with brooding synth beats and gentle sax, before Max begins to sing delivering smooth Spanish language vocals. Combining with the welcoming woodwind backing, Max’s calming tones help create a dreamlike sonic soundscape with Calma. The song is centred on trying to move on from a past relationship, trying to force feelings of calm when preoccupied with the memories of previous romance. The accompanying video sees Max face the memories of said relationship in a somewhat comic fashion.

Max has previously released full length album Lo Que El Tiempo Nos Dejó (‘What Time Left Us’) back in 2018. He’s followed this with several standalone singles including 2020’s Problema (‘Problem’) and Siempre Es Viernes En Mi Corazón (‘It’s Always Friday in My Heart’).

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