LOBODA Makes Our Hearts Go ‘BOOM BOOM’ in New Banger

Like all good Eurovision fans we found ourselves screaming “You are so sexy bom!” and “Be my, be my valentine” from Svetlana Loboda’s iconic Ukrainian entry Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl). This anthem is undoubtedly a classic but Loboda’s post ESC output has been equally wonderful, including new belter Boom Boom featuring rapper Pharaoh.

Boom Boom and its accompanying video sees Loboda in full-on diva mode as various women are rated by a panel of stuffy old men. In a video that has touches of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the tables are turned on these privileged men with the ladies getting the chance to scrutinise them. The video is accompanied by one of Loboda’s catchiest tracks yet – in an almost Maruv and Boosin inspired production style.

The track follows Loboda’s most recent studio EP SOLD OUT which was released last December. She’s since gone on to release standalone single Moy.

Listen to Boom Boom above.

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