Rising Star Don Marae’s ‘Gentle’ Sees Genres Collide in Italian-Influenced Experimental Anthem

We came across Don Marae’s music on Instagram and were immediately struck by the way it refuses to be confined to one musical genre. Playing with a dark industrial soundscape, Don Marae’s music is melancholic and haunting yet bold and inviting – something truly showcased in her new track Gentle.

Gentle, produced by Tony Cleptòn, has echoes of classic Italian dramatic-pop in its rich emotive lyrics, and a haunting quality which echoes the likes of Johnny Jewel’s Italians Do It Better production style. Don Marae’s vocals are dreamlike, guiding us through the industrial soundscape that manages to be both delicate and steely. On the ethereal new track Don Marae notes: “[Gentle] is a twist on the typical break up song in that it is from the perspective of the heart breaker. It’s emotional, and touches on the pains of commitment issues and emotional unavailability.” The emotive subject matter is something echoed in Don Marae’s hypnotic, woozy, and dangerously alluring vocals.

The combination of alternative pop with the attitude and theatricality of classic Italian music is a refreshing, intoxicating combination. In Don Marae’s unpredictable musical approach and her ability to play with concepts of genre in a bold feminist manner, we are massively excited as to her next steps as an artist.

You can connect with Don Marae’s Instagram here. Stream Gentle above.

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