Dixie Chicks Become ‘The Chicks’, Release ‘March March’ and Gaslighter Album Tracklist

The Dixie Chicks continue to cement their status as true icons of the country genre. The trio have made the decision to drop the word Dixie from their name – due to the world’s correlation with the Civil War era South and its connotations with slavery. Now dubbed The Chicks, the band release March March, ahead of their upcoming album Gaslighter’s new release on July 17th.

March March is a passionate call to arms, a contemporary protest song timed perfectly with the BLM marches. The band note: “We want to meet this moment.” They certainly do this with the powerful, sparsely arranged track which comes with a video highlighting victims of prejudiced attacks.

The Chicks have also unveiled the full tracklist for the upcoming album:

1. Gaslighter (3:23)

2. Sleep At Night (3:12)

3. Texas Man (3:44)

4. Everybody Loves You (3:38)

5. For Her (5:26)

6. March March (3:53)

7. My Best Friend’s Weddings (4:18)

8. Tights On My Boat (3:02)

9. Julianna Calm Down (Explicit) (4:46)

10. Young Man (4:09)

11. Hope It’s Something Good (4:05)

12. Set Me Free (3:18)

The group have previously debuted blistering anthems Julianna Calm Down and title track Gaslighter, with the current releases showcasing a sublime return to form for the country trio.

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