Shameless Idol Worship: Love Island Australia Model Justin Lacko

Although Love Island Australia debuted in the UK several years back it has gained a new lease of life again on ITV2 as the broadcaster seeks to fill the gap left by the absent UK series. Broadcasting older reality television is an easy fix for television schedulers – cheap to broadcast and there tends to be a multitude of episodes and seasons to choose from (see E4’s Big Brother’s Best Shows Ever). Fortunately with the re-evaluation of the debut Australian version of Endemol’s reality television hit, there comes a plethora of attractive Australian heartthrobs ready to enjoy.

One of these stars is Australian model Justin Lacko who has since gone on to be a reality television regular – appearing on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Australia also. We’ve showcased the best of the handsome bisexual model below for your enjoyment.

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