San Marino’s Senhit Releases New Track ‘Breathe’

Senhit quickly became one of our favourite Eurovision stars after the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest when she represented San Marino with the track Stand By. The news that Senhit was due to return to the 2020 Contest filled us with excitement – especially when she debuted disco anthem Freaky! as her entry. Whilst we await the singer’s return in the 2021 contest, she tides us over with new single Breathe.

Breathe is a pop anthem that encourages us to take the time to reflect and relax, particularly resonant in these times. Senhit sings “I’m alive, I’m feeling fine, Don’t wanna waste any time, I like it” against bubbling synth-heavy electronic production. The singer packs her vocals with powerful attitude and energy.

Senhit released her debut self titled album in 2006, followed by Italian sophoromore album Un tesoro è necessariamente nascosto in 2007. This was followed in 2009 by third album and her debut English language release So High in 2009. She has since gone on to release further standalone singles including: Through the Rain, Heartache, and alternative ESC 2020 track Obsessed.

Listen to Breathe above. You can connect with Senhit on Twitter.

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