Shameless Idol Worship: The Sexiest Men of Eurovision 2023

Eurovision week has well and truly kicked off, and it is time for our annual celebration of the sexiest men taking the stage in Liverpool. Who could ignore the gorgeous charm of Italy’s charming Marco Mengoni or the suave good looks of Aussia Greek-Cypriot Andrew Lambrou? Those and plenty other hunks are featured below.

Who are your favourite of the men of Eurovision 2023? Let us know on our social channels.

Marco Mengoni – Italy

Andrew Lambrou – Cyrpus

Conor O’Donohoe (Wild Youth) – Ireland

Dav Jr (The Busker) – Malta

Dion Cooper – The Netherlands

Pasha Parfeni – Moldova

Andrea Lazzeretti (Piqued Jacks) – San Marino

Luke Black – Serbia

Jeffery Kenny (TVORCHI) – Ukraine

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