Music: Alex Newell Releases ‘Mama Told Me’

Alex Newell is turning into a pop saviour, following “Boy, You Can Keep It” with a new stone cold banger “Mama Told Me“. The empowering club anthem harks back to classic the golden days of house music with Newell’s soaring vocals shining against high energy electronic club beats.

This is Newell’s first co-writing credit alongside Janeva Burrill. The track is produced by Niko The Kid (YoungBoy NBA) and Adam Novodor (ODESZA). Newell notes that the song was directly inspired by the strong bond that he shared with his mother:

“I paid homage to what she did for me and what motherhood is – instilling positivity into a child no matter what age, sharing wisdom, nurturing them, comforting them. I also wanted to write an anthem for the house moms we have in the LGBTQ community, adoptive moms, and anyone who is a maternal figure and nurturer.”

Listen to the track above.

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