Review: The Adjustment Bureau

Firstly, don't go expecting "Bourne Meets Inception!" as the poster would have you believe - an extremely lazy marketing ploy, because the film is little like either of those two.  However The Adjustment Bureau is a simple, low-key sci-fi romance and is not the usual effects laden hullabalooza (Yes! Always wanted to use that word). Matt Damon stars as a young New York politician, who meets the woman of his dreams - ballerina, Emily Blunt, however a mysterious organisation, The Adjustment Bureau aims to keep them apart. Both leads give capable and likeable performances, and it's really their chemistry that carries the whole film. Damon nails the the part of politician, Norris and it's hard not to get swept up in his political showmanship in the film's opening. The film also features supporting performances from Mad Men's John Slattery, Anthony Mackie and the scene-stealing legend, Terence Stamp. 

It's sad to see that director, George Nolfi's direction is very safe and unoriginal, there's no dynamism or excitement to this. The film's ending also seems rather lazy - it's quite a predictable cop out that feels slightly unsatisfactory (I don't want to spoil it for those of you that wish to see it). The one thing that sticks out for me about this are the costumes - unfortunately we don't get to see Emily Blunt in the nice red flowing dress that is shown in the poster, but there are a lot of nice suits and some great work from costume designer, Kasia Walicka-Maimone.

Overall, The Adjustment Bureau is ultimately enjoyable but lack of originality in the direction and an bland ending make this a rather forgettable film.  

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