Country: Dixie Chicks Unveil ‘Gaslighter’ Single and Album

There’s much to love about the country music community, yet like all genres of music it can attract its cohort of ignorant fans. The much anticipated return of the Dixie Chicks and some of the country music fandom’s extreme reactions to this is quite amusing. Any country news source’s Facebook feed with a vast number of ‘angry emojis’ or ignorant right-wing comments under any Dixie Chicks news shows that the political right are very thin skinned. However, this should not take away from the delights of a brand new Dixie Chicks single and album both to be enjoyed. The title track and lead single Gaslighter debuted last week and is an absolute triumph.

Produced by Jack Antonoff, this fiery anthem is the group’s first new music since 2006’s album Taking the Long Way, and marks a powerful reinvention for the group. It explores new sounds whilst also delivering the traditional vocal cues of the band, whilst delivering a scathing personal story based on Natalie Maines’ recent divorce.

The full album, also produced by Antonoff and Martie Erwin Maguire, Emily Erwin Robison, and Maines (AKA Dixie Chicks) hits record stores and streaming services May 1st 2020.