Music: Ex-Love Islanders No Love Lost Are Our New Pop Obsession, Listen to ‘All or Nothing’

We’re going to be honest, we didn’t have high hopes when the line-up for Simon Cowell’s revamped version of The Celebrity X-Factor was announced earlier in the year and we are not sure this is the way for the Syco supremo to save the fledgling X Factor brand. Yet one thing we are thankful for is the show giving a platform to former Love Islanders – now No Love Lost – and their original music.

Eyal Booker, Wes Nelson, Samira Mighty, and Zara McDermott make up the band comprised of former contestants of ITV2’s summer smash. The group are showing that this isn’t just a quick fad, clear from their infectious debut track All or Nothing which they performed on the first of the live shows. Whilst bringing some sex appeal (thanks Eyal) to the former Saturday night television juggernaut, the foursome are actually competent vocalists – something quite rare for a celebrity singing competition.

There is also a nostalgic quality to the group – mixed gender vocal groups immediately throw parallels to the likes of Steps, S Club, Hear Say and Liberty X, mainstays of the late nineties and early-noughties pop charts. Whilst Steps are very much still part of the musical world (due back with a new studio album in 2020), it is always healthy to have some young blood in pop hemisphere and No Love Lost might just be the answer to that.