Belgian Trip-Hop Heroes Hooverphonic Delight With New Album ‘Fake is the New Dope’

Three years on from their Hidden Stories album, Belgian trip-hop legends Hooverphonic return with new studio album, Fake is the New Dope, released through Sony Music Belgium. The twelve track set contains previously released tracks including Don’t Think, Por Favor and Then I Found You, as well as a number that have not been heard until release day.

An accompanying press description shares: “Building on the momentum of previously released singles like ‘Don’t Think,’ ‘Por Favor,’ ‘And Then I Found You,’ and the mesmerizing title track ‘Fake Is The New Dope,’ Hooverphonic’s signature blend of dreamy instrumentals and emotive lyricism takes listeners on a journey through a realm where the boundary between reality and artifice blurs.” It continues: “With each track, the album invites audiences to question the nature of authenticity, celebrating the beauty found in the artful and the genuine.”

The album skilfully blends enigmatic pop hooks with trippier experimental sounds that hark back to the impressive heights of their nineties output, crafting a distinctive fusion that remains unmistakably Hooverphonic.

You can order the LP here.

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