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Interview with Belgium’s Mustii on ‘Before the Party is Over’, Self Discovery, Drag Race and Eurovision

The announcement of the multi-hyphenated talent Mustii as Belgium’s Eurovision Song Contest representative is a truly thrilling one. The star of stage, television, film and music has impressed continuously over the years with his creative works, and the addition of Eurovision to his CV is a recipe for success. Our Editor Andrew was delighted to spend some time chatting to Mustii about Eurovision, self discovery and Mustii’s rich and varied career.

Mustii will bring his anthemic yet melancholic gem Before the Party is Over to Malmö. Working with Pierre Dumoulin and Ben Leclercq on the production, and co-writing with Arianna D’Amato, Charlotte Anne Clark and Nina Sampermans, Mustii’s Before the Party is Over is a truly layered journey and the musician discusses some of its bold creative elements in our interview.

The Belgian star has released two acclaimed albums 2018’s 21st Century Boy and 2022’s It’s Happening Now – both triumphs that we would encourage you to seek out. As well as a successful career as a singer-songwriter, Mustii has starred in film projects such as L’échange des princesses and Plein la vue, and currently shines as a star judge on Drag Race Belgique. Mustii opened up on whether working in the drag world has had an effect on his upcoming third album which we can expect closer to the end of the year, as well as many other fascinating topics.

Many thanks to the lovely Mustii for chatting with Culture Fix. You can follow him here. Be sure to follow us on our socials – XInstagramTik Tok and YouTube

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