Ukrainian Pop Legend LOBODA Releases English Language Anthem ‘MENTOR 2.0’

Svetlana Loboda is one of Ukraine’s biggest pop stars, with the musician continually riding high across the Eurasian charts. Of course, like many, we fell in love with Loboda when she represented Ukraine with powerhouse pop masterpiece Anti-Crisis Girl, three minutes of the most beautiful musical chaos. Loboda has kept things delightfully zany in further releases such as almighty banger Boom Boom.

Loboda delivers a number of her English language fanbase now with new single MENTOR 2.0 a powerful dramatic pop number, that Loboda had previously released in Ukrainian language. The musician sings: “Yesterday doesn’t matter (doesn’t matter) / Cause my love is the only mentor (only mentor) / Each moment fulfills my heart (fulfills my heart) / That’s why my eyes are shining so bright (shining so bright)…” on the track’s dramatic chorus.

MENTOR 2.0 sees Loboda collaborate with Andrey Parfenov and Artem Ivanchenko. Hopefully this is the start of the new music from Ukraine’s premier pop goddess.

See the visualiser above.

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