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Matt Terry Returns With Vulnerable and Soulful Anthem ‘Ghost of Me’

Matt Terry returns after his triumphant comeback single You Don’t Know Knowing with soulful new number Ghost Of Me. The single soars with a heartfelt vulnerability, Matt’s silky smooth new vocals and dreamy, emotive production from James Lewis.

In lyrics penned by Matt and James, Ghost Of Me effortlessly taps into a sincere honesty with quietly powerful lines including “Now you want to hold me, but it’s only because you’ve been lonely.” Tapping into this emotional ground allows Matt to explore some impressive vocal territory as he navigates relationships gone wrong.

Matt elaborates on the story at the heart of the track, sharing: “Ghost of Me tells the story of how I fell in love with somebody that gave up on me at my lowest when I needed them most. But years later, after working on myself and moving on, they came running back expecting me to be in the exact same place they had left me in. However with time and growth I am a very different human today and I’m not willing to take any steps back. So I feel like they’re holding on to a version of me that no longer exists, ‘The Ghost of Me’. Most of us will experience this at some point in our lives and I’m happy to say I got through it.”

2024 promises to be a big year from the British star, with more music on the horizon.

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