Photo: Central Station Records

Dannii Minogue Delivers Euphoric Joy on New Dance Anthem ‘Thinking ‘Bout Us’ with Autone

Photo: Central Station Records

Our dreams came true last year when Dannii Minogue made a glorious return to pop with joyous Ian Masterson cut We Could Be the One. The Aussie icon has not kept us waiting long with the release of her next slice of pop, Thinking ‘Bout Us, which sees her work with Sydney based DJ and producer Brett Austin (Autone). The result is a high-energy dance anthem that sees Dannii impressively pick up her mantle as the Queen of Clubs again.

Dannii noted: “This is a song that will positively resonate with so many people and especially my fans when they see the video with all the little references to some of my previous music releases. I love being introduced to new exciting talent, and Autone is certainly that, I can’t wait to see him spinning this in the clubs.”

Autone shares: “This is my first original, so it’s like my baby, and I am extremely proud of that. To get to write with the boys from DNA Songs and record with Dannii was an absolute honour.”

The track sees Dannii return to Central Station Records with whom she released classic hits such as So Under Pressure, Touch Me Like That and Perfection. Check out our run-down of Dannii’s greatest pop moments.

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