Rising Country Stars Callum Kerr and Chris Andreucci Are ‘Tamed By Tennessee’

We’ve featured the releases of rising country talent Callum Kerr on the site over the course of the year, with the Scotman impressing with his fresh country tunes such as Tequila Therapy and More Tennessee. The star joins forces with Chris Andreucci on his latest release Tamed By Tennessee.

The independent country stars collaborate with producer Ilya Toshinskiy and writers Axel Rasmussen, John Haywood and Kim Penz with Chris also co-writing. The number sings of being tamed from your wild years by the Southern charm of Tennessee. Perfect material for a country classic.

Callum and Chris compliment each other well on the number, both rising stars bringing a different yet distinctive country charm to the duet and asserting them as future big names in the country biz.

Stream above.

Photos: @stefaniemoser

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