UK Talent Aiden Grimshaw Delivers Scintillating, Cinematic New Number ‘Better Off’

Aiden Grimshaw delighted us with a return to the music world with his single Pretender earlier this year. Now the British pop talent returns with the next taste from his upcoming EP, the single Better Off.

Aiden shares: “Again with all of the songs that are in this little group (Ep) I actually wrote it about 10 years ago, I think this was the 2nd session I’d had with Si Hulbert & Paul Harris.” He continues: “Whenever I got into a room with Simon and Paul we always just wrote what we wanted. Rather than what was in the charts or what a label or manager wanted- just feelings and references that we were digging. At the time, it’s one of the studios and places I always felt super comfortable.”

Aiden’s voice sounds beautifully raw on Better Off, an atmospheric composition packed with a scintillating energy and cinematic production. Like Pretender, the number has us incredibly excited for Aiden’s upcoming EP.

Aiden has never been one to chase chart trends and has continued to follow his own path when it comes to music. Fans will have fond memories of his Butterjack project which showcased a fresh sound for the UK star. Aiden’s recent partnership with Dutch label Revanche Records has been a fruitful one with Better Off and Pretender, despite being initially older compositions for Aiden, feeling fresh and providing an exciting return for the star.

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