Slovakian Star ADONXS Delivers Compelling Dramatic Pop Number ‘OVRTHNKR’

Adam Pavlovčin – winner of SuperStar 2021 a joint Czech-Slovak version of the Idol series’ Pop Idol – has been releasing some sublime pop music under the moniker of ADONXS in recent months. The star dropped the outstanding No Common Measure and prior to this, studio album Age Of Adonxs. Now ADONXS delivers the truly compelling OVRTHNKR, a dramatic pop number tackling themes of male body dysmorphia.

ADONXS constructs the new track with Marek Rakovický and Oliver Fillner, creating a brooding electronic soundscape where the star’s dramatic vocals guide us through lyrics about overthinking the ‘what could have been’ of a past relationship.

The Jiří Horenský directed video sees a protagonist haunted by signs of a grotesque male physical perfection, represented in the embodiment of a muscular Frankenstein type creature. The video captures the debilitating effects of body dysmorphia.

ADONXS accompanies the track’s official video with the comment: “ADONIS COMPLEX a subtype of body dysmorphic disorder that primarily affects men, characterized by an obsessive desire to attain a perfectly muscular physique. The term highlights the cultural and societal pressures on men to conform to a specific idealized body image, which can lead to significant psychological distress and can contribute to the development of mental problems and self destructive behaviour.”

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