The Iconic Army Of Lovers Triumphant New Album ‘Sexodus’ Arrives

Ready to stream now, Sexodus, Army of Lovers first studio album since 1993 arrives. The ten track set is comprised of five new original numbers from the band, two fresh versions of Army of Lovers classics, and three previously released tracks.

The new numbers including title track Sexodus, high camp dance anthem Love Is Blue, the slinky What’s That Look, the Romany fantasy epic Romanism, and addictively catchy Bring Your Love are the real stars of the show. This new original music from Jean-Pierre Barda, Dominika Peczynski and Alexander Bard and producer Anders Wollbeck, shows that AOL very much have a place in the contemporary pop scene.

We have high hopes that the trio will continue to pursue new original music, as Sexodus is an out and out triumph. Stream the album below.

01 Sexodus
02 Love Is Blue (featuring Olya Polyakova)
03 What’s That Look (featuring Tamer Wilde)
04 Romanism
05 Bring Your Love
06 Israelism 2023
07 Clash Of The Titans
08 Tragedy
09 Signed On My Tattoo (featuring Gravitonas)
10 People Are Lonely (featuring Gravitonas)

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