Independent Pop Talent Micah McLaurin Releases Contemporary Disco Anthem ‘MOONS’

Virtuoso piano talent Micah McLaurin delves into the world of pop music with single MOONS. The number is a slinky slice of contemporary disco that showcases Micah’s pop vocals and musical pedigree, promising exciting things to come for the rising talent’s pop career.

On MOONS, there is clear influence from the world of disco, with the number tapping into the celebratory euphoria that the genre often evokes. The rising pop talent told PAPER Magazine: “I’ve always been inspired by the disco era, and particularly the Bee Gees. Their music has so many beautiful harmonies and chord changes. It gives me butterflies and that is the feeling I always want in music. I want my music to make people feel the same way. I feel that music should elate and give people an escape, so what I want as a pop artist is to give that to people.”

Micah worked with producers PhD, Trevor Muzzy and Nick Patrick on the number which he co-writes with Aleena Gibson on MOONS.

Connect with Micah here.

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