Belgian Pop Legends Vaya Con Dios Return With ‘Shades of Joy’ Album

Belgian pop talents Vaya Con Dios return with their first new studio album since 2009 with the upcoming Shades of Joy due November 17th 2023. The trio release new single and title track Shades of Joy which returns to the band’s global pop sound with a nostalgic schlager energy.

A press release shares: “It all began when leading lady Dani Klein was stuck in Brussels during the pandemic lockdown. Not being able to go to her home in Andalucia, she decided to make the best out of a bad situation.”

The album saw Dani reunite with collaborators Thierry (Plas) and François (Garny), with the three working together on a daily basis at Thierry’s Zoo Studios to create new songs, inspired and forced by the circumstances.

The press release continues: “Once the arrangements ideas were completed – and the lockdown was history – musicians came in to play the parts. Sometimes asking them to improvise as well. And after a little more than two years the album was finished.”

The group found success across central Europe with singles such as What’s a Woman?, Heading For a Fall and Time Flies throughout the late 80s and 90s.

See the full tracklist below:

01 Kissing Slow 
02 Shades Of Joy 
03 Leaving Home 
04 La Vie    
05 Through With Love 
06 Dancing In The Rain 
07 Always Something Missing 
08 The Thought Of Him 
09 Una Mujer   
10 Maybe  
11 It Isn’t Gonna Be That Way

Pre-order here.

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