Army of Lovers Deliver Next ‘Sexodus’ Album Banger ‘Bring Your Love’

Alexander Bard takes lead vocals on new Army of Lovers cut Bring Your Love. The new single is sugary pop composition that harks back to the singer-songwriter’s work for Alcazar and Army of Lover’s more pure pop moments. The single loses none of the sharpness and wit of the band’s output, combining lyrical intelligence with earworming pop production.

Bring Your Love is the fourth taste of the band’s upcoming studio album, which arrives November 24th. It follows Olga Polyakova collaboration Love Is Blue, title track Sexodus, and the powerful Romanism. The new material brings Army of Lovers into 2023, yet loses none of the unique appeal that made the band a cult phenomenon in the nineties.

Bring Your Love sees the band purr: “In the bar I caught your eye just like a scene in motion / In the dark a lullaby causing a great commotion / If you dare to make a move we take the night together / In the air a deeper groove we can go on forever…” in the track’s seductive lyrics.

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