Neon Trees and Galantis Are a ‘Dreamteam’ On Bombastic New Single

Neon Trees and Galantis have unveiled their electrifying pop collaboration, Dreamteam. Merging Neon Trees’ distinctive alternative pop-rock attitude with Galantis’ infectious electronic dance sound, the single is a powerful fusion of the appeal of the two musical forces.

Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn’s emotive vocals blend seamlessly with Galantis’ energetic beats and catchy synth melodies. Lyrically, Dreamteam is an anthem of self-discovery and empowerment, encouraging listeners to embrace their uniqueness. Written by Written by Christian “Bloodshy” Karlsson, Jordi de Fluiter, Will Everett, Nick Gale, Allison Kaplan, Jon Eyden Ross, and Ben Samama with production Christian “Bloodshy” Karlsson, Mr Whistler, this is a fresh new direction from both groups.

The anthemic chorus sees Glenn sing: “Living like the people in the TV, TV / Skipping all my problems like a CD, CD / Got me reaching higher than the ceiling, ceiling / Oh whoa whoa / We got the dreamteam..” atop bombastic, high energy production.

The accompanying music video is a vibrant visual spectacle, reflecting the song’s energetic spirit. Juan Flores Mena directs the above video.

Fans should also seek out Glenn’s vastly underrated debut solo album Excommunicated which he released through Island Records in 2016.

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