Allie X Returns With Dark High Energy Electropop Number ‘Black Eye’

Allie X launches a new era with dark industrial eighties style pop jam Black Eye. Brimming with attitude and slinky pop aesthetics, Allie is back with a bang on the new number.

“The process of making this new music was an experiment in trusting my own creative instincts and no one else’s, fighting for my freedom creatively, professionally, and personally,” explains Allie.

“This track and all to come is an effort to create a surreal yet truthful reflection of myself in a very strange world,” the Hello hitmaker adds.

Black Eye is Allie’s first new music since 2021 and is expected be the start of a new album dubbed Girl with No Face from the Canadian star. Black Eye sees Allie co-write with George Pimentel and self produce.

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