Icelandic Star Svala Sings of Building Yourself Up on New Pop Hit ‘Time’

Icelandic musician Svala, who you may remember from the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest through her song Paper, returns with a new single Time.

The star shared with fans: “The song is about giving yourself time and space to work on yourself. I am singing to myself in this song as we sometimes go through a difficult period in life. But then it is so important to be patient and practice serenity while building yourself up and not giving up even though you are going through different seasons in life.”

Svala adds “I have dealt with anxiety all my life and I feel it is important to talk about mental health and sometimes comes a season where anxiety is high and difficult. But exactly then it is so necessary to stop by and work on it. And my new song is me pepping myself to take one day at a time and know I’m getting back to work.”

Time is produced by Thorsteinn Einarsson and Halldór Ágùst Björnsson. It’s an energetic number that presents Svala’s relatable themes encased in sharp pop production.

Stream the new anthem from Svala above.

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