Army of Lovers Deliver Wit and Sharp Pop Sensibilities on ‘Sexodus’

Pop legends Army of Lovers return with more magic from their upcoming Sexodus album. Dropping the title track, the pop three-piece signal a reunion that feels both fresh and nostalgic, capturing the lyrical majesty and pop sensibilities of classic Army of Lovers material.

The group made up of Alexander Bard, Jean-Pierre Barda and Dominika Peczynski delivered their first new music since 2013 last week with high camp pop single Love Is Blue featuring guest vocals from Ukrainian talent Olga Polyakova.

Now new single Sexodus sees the trio croon: “I dance the night away to boost my Apple Pay, I’m from a land forgotten come check my bellybutton, A temple prostitute how can I contribute, If you just pay the money I’ll give you milk and honey…” in lyrics that boasts the band’s expected wit and intellect. This paired with production from Anders Wollbeck results in a classic Army of Lovers anthem.

Full-length album Sexodus will arrive November 24th.

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