Eurovision Icon Käärijä Teams Up With Tommy Cash For Raucous New Single ‘It’s Crazy, It’s Party’

Käärijä releases his first new single since becoming a viral sensation with his Finnish Eurovision entry, Cha Cha Cha. The number dubbed It’s Crazy, It’s Party (inspired by the star’s much-loved catchphrase) captures the distilled high energy pop mania of his previous hit and brings Estonian rapper Tommy Cash in for the fun.

“A big dream came true as I got to make a song with Tommy Cash,” Käärijä shares. “I was on vacation after the Eurovision, sitting in a beach chair when I received a DM from Tommy. The song came together very quickly, and ‘It’s crazy, It’s party’ reflects both of our vibes. Tommy is a top-notch artist, and I’ve learned a lot from him along the way. I’m really excited about the upcoming song. Hopefully people will enjoy it – it’s crazy and it’s party.”

The pair also collaborate on the number’s gleefully disturbing music video. Expect more of this beautiful chaos on Käärijä’s in-progress album that is expected at some point early next year.

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