Swiss Star Bastian Baker Delivers Striking New Single ‘Can’t Be Loved’

“I worked on this track for years to make it perfect, and I really hope it will resonate with all of you…” Bastian Baker shares with fans regarding his new single Can’t Be Loved. The track has anthemic quality with up-tempo pop production from Bastian, Adam Bonvin and bonboi.

The Swiss star co-writes the track with Bonvin and Lars Christen, crooning “I can’t be loved / Why am I never enough / Show me the way / To the light / Don’t leave me on the dark side / And tell me why I can’t be loved…” against gradually building production and earworming pop hooks. Bastian’s vocals allow a hint of vulnerability to shine through in his sincere delivery, marking an interesting sonic contrast from the rousing melody.

The single marks the Swiss star’s first solo studio single since his 2022 album Stories of the XXI. Bastian has built up a sizeable European fan base with his tracks Stay, Dancing Without You and I’d Sing For You.

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