Italian Talent Osvaldo Supino Returns With New Single ‘It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane’

Italian star Osvaldo Supino makes a welcome return with his latest single It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane. The track may be familiar to some, originally performed by Swedish rockers The Ark, but Osvaldo puts a fresh poppy spin on the number.

A press release shares: “A return that fills the hearts of fans and many people, after the last few weeks in which the singer was at the center of the press due to a sudden and worrying hospitalization that lasted over two weeks in a Milan clinic.”

We are delighted that Osvaldo is making a recovery from his stint in hospital, with this even reflected in the track’s music video, as the release continues: “As is the video clip shot in Milan at 4 in the morning where the artist hides nothing, not even the clinic bracelet, worn almost like a medal, a war scar, to be proud of and which gives strength to start again.”

Osvaldo delivers an emotional vocal on the new single, which is accompanied by minimalist electronic production from Andrey Tukaev and Osvaldo.

Connect with Osvaldo below:

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