September Returns! Petra Marklund Releases ‘Ocean Of Love’ – Official Anthem of Stockholm Pride 2023

Petra Marklund aka September, the Swedish star who delivered timeless dance anthems such as Cry For You, returns with new single Ocean of Love. The track celebrates Petra’s twenty years in the music industry and becomes the official anthem of Stockholm Pride 2023.

Regarding Ocean of Love, Petra states: “”Ocean of Love” is my disco tribute to Pride, and it’s about the sea of love that exists out there, and daring to let oneself fall freely despite all the twisted circumstances. There’s so much joy. It’s meant for all of us. Let’s dive in now!”

Petra shares: “And 20 years as an artist!! My god! To celebrate this, for a short while, everything I release will be released under both Petra Marklund and September! 10+10=20. I’ll come up with a lot of fun stuff, and first up is this disco tribute to free love. I can’t think of a better way to sum up my years! (And alter egos😅). Bon appétit! And hello to all my friends around the world who have been asking me to release music in English! Here you go!”

Written by Björn Johnsson, Maria Smith, Niklas Bergwall, Peter Kvint and Petra, Ocean of Love is a sparkling carefree dance anthem brimming with energetic electronic production and Petra’s warm high-spirited vocal.

We are delighted to have Petra/September back. Let’s hope there is lots more music to come.

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