Tyler Childers Releases Poignant ‘In Your Love’, Colton Hayes Starring Video

Tyler Childers readies his upcoming album Rustin’ In The Rain which arrives September 8. The Kentucky born country singer-songwriter shares the first taste of the album In Your Love a touching number that celebrates the lengths we are capable of going to for those we love. This is accompanied by a masterful visual starring Colton Hayes and James Scully, directed by Bryan Schlam, which depicts a heartwarming same-sex romance.

“This is a collection of songs I playfully pieced together as if I was pitching a group of songs to Elvis,” Tyler shares of his new album. He continued: “Some covers, one co-write, and some I even wrote in my best (terrible) Elvis impersonation, as I worked around the farm and kicked around the house. I hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thank you. Thank you very much.”

In Your Love comes attached with a tearjerking video that explores a same-sex couple’s journey in rural smalltown USA. With regards to the video, Tyler’s collaborator Silas House, who wrote the script for the visual shares: “Tyler and I both felt the attention to detail about rural life was very important, so we made sure that the house and the people looked realistic for the time period instead of the stereotypes of country people that have become so ingrained in the public consciousness. We used our own family pictures as references. We wanted to tell as complex a story as we could in four minutes, not only about a gay couple, but also about rural people. We wanted to show their joy and their sorrow—all the things that make up a complex life. Too often simplistic notions are pushed about both rural and LGBTQ people, so we did everything we could to make this story as rich and layered as possible.

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