Ricki-Lee Collaborates With Hitmakers DNA On New Single ‘Point Of No Return’

Down Under’s premiere chanteuse Ricki-Lee is readying her fifth album and gives us a taster of what to expect with new single Point Of No Return. The number is a sugary and optimistic number that sees Ricki-Lee join forces with hitmakers DNA for the track.

“It’s not like anything I’ve ever done before which I think is really cool. . . That almost 20 years into a music career you can explore and discover new sounds and go places you haven’t before musically,” Ricki-Lee says.

Speaking of the upbeat tone of track, Ricki-Lee notes “Lyrically this is a song about falling in love, but there’s also a second meaning to the chorus for me, which is that I’ve made the call to do things my way and there’s no turning back. There’s a certain adrenaline and excitement that comes with making a big decision and following it through…it’s quite a wild ride!”

Ricki-Lee closes with the note “I really wanted to come with something people weren’t expecting from me, I like to keep people guessing.” Ricki-Lee’s most recent solo LP with Dance in the Rain back in 2014. She has released four studio albums, as well as having success in girlgroup Young Divas.

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