Zak Abel Reveals Soulful New Single ‘Woman’ From Freshly Announced ‘Love Over Fear’ Album

English singer-songwriter Zak Abel releases the third single from his upcoming album, Woman. The track follows Dance With You (The Comeback) and What Love Is, both of which are expected to feature on his debut album Love Over Fear.

Woman boasts a mellow danceable groove, Zak’s soulful vocals and an earworming melody – ingredients which have seen him grow in popularity amongst UK audiences.

On the new LP Zak explains; “This new album is an expression of where I’ve been at over the last couple of years. Trying to follow optimistic, loving, positive perspectives over the ones which come from a place of fear. It’s been a slightly terrifying process of looking inwards and finding the topics that are uncomfortable to explore but evoke an emotional reaction in me.”

Love Over Fear arrives August 25th. See the full 12 song tracklist below:

1. Love Over Fear

2. Woman

3. What Love Is

4. Kindness of Strangers

5. Dance With You (The Comeback)

6. How Do We Stay in Love?

7. Winging It

8. Cry

9. Let Me Sing

10. Midnight Gospel

11. Still Have Love For You

12. Deserve To Be Loved (ft. Sheku Kanneh-Mason & Harry Baker)

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