Rising Stars ETHAN and Keiynan Lonsdale Celebrate Nostalgic Queer Romance on ’90s Babe’

Rising pop talents ETHAN and Keiynan Lonsdale channel their nineties queer pop fantasy on new collaboration 90s Babe. With smooth R&B melodies and earworming pop hooks, 90s Babe is a seductively charming number that celebrates a woozy romantic longing and nostalgia.

Both stars bring a romantic, sexy energy to fold shining atop the nineties inspired melodies. ETHAN and Keiynan write the lyrics which conjure up a heartfelt energy, crooning lines like: “So let’s go to a place / To hide away / And we can make love / Like the nineties babe…” crafting an escapist queer pop anthem.

New Zealander ETHAN produces the track which follows his anthemic club anthem if i’m honest released earlier this year. Keiynan’s most recent release was 2022 single Lonely Point of View.

ETHAN shared: “I’m so so grateful for the opportunity that I got to work with such a passionate artist who truly elevated this song into the ultimate fantasy! I am such an admirer of 90s RnB and this song is a call to action for all the romantics out there to get their dose of warm fuzzy nostalgia.”

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