Greek Eurovision Talent Victor Vernicos Returns With Follow-Up Single ‘The 968 Paradox’

Victor Vernicos made a lasting impression with his impressive single What They Say which the star delivered at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. The singer-songwriter returns with The 968 Paradox released by Panik Records.

A press release shares: “The title of the song originates from the devil’s number “666” and resembles how the opposite of it “999” (the positive) and itself come together (when overlapped) to create “8” : the number of infinity as respected in many cultures worldwide.”

It continues: “The 968 Paradox” represents the paradoxical nature of positivity and negativity, and how they provoke and complete each other in the universal balance of life. Victor came up with this concept as he was figuring out a way to express an experience he had through music and lyricism.”

Victor writes, records, produces and mixes the track himself. Victor’s powerful vocals anchor the track against summery guitar-centric instrumentation, crafting a breezy yet emotive pop number that continues to showcase Victor’s impressive musical finesse.

Connect with Victor here.

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