TVORCHI and The Hardkiss Collaborate on New Single ‘Мрійники’

TVORCHI did Ukraine proud at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool with their crowd-pleasing number Heart of Steel. The duo now join forces with Ukrainian rock outfit The Hardkiss – fronted by the contest’s host Julia Sanina – for new number Мрійники.

The number blends English and Ukrainian language lyrics with the former delivered by TVORCHI and The Hardkiss delivering their national language. Brimming with dramatic electronic production and passionate vocals, the title translates to Dreamers. The bands share: “Only dreamers will overcome the challenges of a crazy new world. As reality shows, everything is possible in our lives… Those of us who desperately believe in the bright, strong, and brave are destined to unite and create a new future.”

The video was shot by Ukrainian director Nata Ivanova. The video for the song tells the story of four dream travellers who are challenged by a higher power to unite in order to find the source of power.


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