KEiiNO Celebrate Rhythm and Dance Music On 90s Inspired Anthem ‘Ritma’

KEiiNO share their latest single Ritma, with the Norwegian Eurovision icons delivering a celebration of rhythm and dance and the dreamy euphoria it invokes. The band share a little about the creative process behind the new number:

“Two months ago, we went to a cozy cabin in Trysil to make new KEiiNO-songs. One night, Tom dreamt we were on stage performing a new song he’d never heard before, and he felt the melody was so strong that he managed to wake himself up to work on a demo. When the rest of the band woke up to the smell of coffee and music inspired by 90s dance pop, we knew this was going to be a good day.”

They add: “We continued working on the song in London together with Alexander (where most of the vocals were recorded under a duvet!) and Fred spent time in Oslo trying out new ways of using his voice lyrics at the same time Rüdiger finished the production in Berlin. The result, mixed by the amazing Simon Bergseth and mastered by Henkka Niemisto is one of our most dance floor-ready songs to date, with a lyrical theme that touches on existential and spiritual ideas. Hope you like our RITMA as much as we do!”

Brimming with eurohouse and nineties dance vibes, Ritma is underpinned by an earworming piano melody before the trio’s powerhouse vocals come into the fold, steering the track into an iconic KEiiNO number.

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