Interview: Ukraine’s TVORCHI Discuss “Strength, Confidence & Positivity” of Eurovision Entry ‘Heart of Steel’

Ukraine’s TVORCHI have been making a name for themselves in their home nation with over half a decade of experience in the industry and four albums under their belts. After winning Ukraine’s national selection Vidbir in December 2022, TVORCHI made up of Jeffery and Andrii stormed to victory with their entry Heart of Steel.

Following previous year’s victors Kalush Orchestra, TVORCHI aren’t feeling the pressure and are hoping to inspire audiences with something sonically different in this year’s entry. Jeffrey and Andrii describe Heart of Steel as a song that promotes themes of “strength, confidence and positivity,” whilst they are hoping their staging will provide something “huge, shocking and powerful” in the most positive of senses.

TVORCHI shared their plans for pre-parties, an upcoming album, some surprising hidden talents, and their recommendations for must-visit places in Ukraine.

Thanks to TVORCHI for taking the time out of their schedule to chat to us at Culture Fix. You can connect with them on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. Connect with Culture Fix here.

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