Alfie Arcuri Drops ‘LDD (Love is a Dangerous Drug) EP’, Finds Potential Eurovision Success in San Marino

Australian pop talent Alfie Arcuri delights with a brand new EP LDD (Love is a Dangerous Drug) featuring his stellar previous singles Devil’s Lips and Overtime – as well as three new gems. Among these new cuts include a cover of Cyndi Lauper anthem I Drove All Night and tracks LDD and High.

LDD is a slick sultry pop banger that centres on the dangerous of intoxicating love, whilst High sees Alfie deliver an impeccable vocal against brooding electronic production and scintillating vocal effects.

The release of the EP coincides with Alfie’s time in Italy where he competes in microstate San Marino’s Eurovision national selection Una Voce per San Marino with another new song Collide. Alfie sailed through the first semi-final with the as yet unreleased track and will compete at the final on 25 February 2023 at the Teatro Nuovo di Dogana.

Good luck to Alfie at Una Voce per San Marino. Connect with Aflie below.


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