Alek Sandar Drops Fired Up New Version of Banger ‘Yerba’ With Marco Nobel and Juicy J

He’s the sexiest thing to come out of Bulgaria and now he’s back with a highly charged update on his 2020 banger, Yerba. Joined by Marco Nobel and Juicy J, Alek Sandar sings about the magic herb noting we should “Sell it and tax it and organize, Cash it and push it and monetize, Grow it and show it and specialize…”

Accompanied by a video directed by Radostin Subev-Shosho and Alek, the track further comes to life with a gangster storyline and trippy computer-generated visuals. Alek and Juicy J write the track, whilst Marco Nobel, Alek and Lucas van Dorff produce. It’s a real earworm and the pounding electronic production makes it an irresistible pop banger that brings a further fire and power to the original anthem.

This update on Yerba is Alek’s first track of 2023. Last year saw him drop bangers including All I Ever Wanted and Please Don’t Go. He’s been busying himself with his alter-ego The Supercock also and God bless him for sharing his further talents.

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