Greek Pop Talent Iasonas Mandilas Drops Powerhouse New Single ‘Louloudi’ and Remix

Iasonas Mandilas is an artist going from strength to strength with the Greek star releasing a variety of pop gems since 2019. Not just easy on the eye, Iasonas packs powerhouse vocals and slick pop production intro his releases to craft choruses that stick with you – as seen in his latest release Louloudi (translating to English as Flower).

On Louloudi, Iasonas works with writer APON and producer IAMSTRONG – the result is a captivating musical delight in which the star deploys vocals with an emotion and sensitivity against a brooding electronic pop soundscape. Iasonas also accompanies the track with a remix from Stelios Christou which turns the track into a scintillating dancefloor banger.

Iasonas has been crafting a number of impressive musical compositions over the years including Apithano, Mono Esena and Hilia Kommatia – all of which can be streamed on his Spotify. Iasonas is undoubtedly a star to watch on the European pop scene.

Connect with Iasonas here.

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