Oscar Zia Delivers Pop Excellence On New Single ‘Autopilot’

It has been a while since we’ve had new music from Oscar Zia but the pop heartthrob returns with a new Swedish language single, Autopilot. Oscar co-writes with Petter Tarland, Sebastian Atas and Victor Sjöstrom with production from Atas.

Packing a big pop chorus and even featuring the vocals of a children’s choir, Autopilot has a grand sweeping atmosphere. Oscar delivers his suave sense of cool on the track which blends slick electronic production, grooving percussion and an impressive vocal range.

Oscar shared on Instagram: “When what used to be fun isn’t fun anymore, when there’s nothing good to say, when nothing feels like it used to, but everything continues as usual anyway. Although there is something else in one who controls, like a machine,” tapping into the sentiment of one being autopilot. Undeniably this isn’t Oscar on autopilot, this feels like some of his freshest work yet.

Oscar is thought to be dropping a new album in 2023. It is expected that Autopilot is the first taste of this.

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