KUBA Returns For Poland’s National Selection For Eurovision 2023 With ‘You Do Me’, Releases New Song ‘Do the Dance’

KUBA was a real highlight of the 2022 Eurovision National Selection for Poland, impressing with his banger Lovesick. Now KUBA returns for 2023 where the singer must battle in Tu bije serce Europy! Wybieramy hit na Eurowizję on the 26th of February where the country will decide who is represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

KUBA will compete with his freshly released single You Do Me. The track is written by Thomas Karlsson, Joakim Övrenius, Julia Nilcrantz. The singer shares: “YOU DO ME is my newest single and song with which I will perform during the Polish ESC 2023 preselection. An electronic combination of 90s and contemporary sounds. YOU DO ME is a song that talks about a breakup. Despite the fact that you were able to change the whole world for each other, everyone goes their own way.”

KUBA also releases new song Do the Dance – an infectious feel good pop number that is set to further impress in a live setting. KUBA notes: “A dance-pop combination of 90s and contemporary sounds. A song with a dance beat and positive lyrics. DO THE DANCE is a proposal of great fun to break away from the sorrows and problems of everyday life, at least for a moment. I would like DO THE DANCE to infect everyone with optimism and make you dance and laugh as loud as possible. Let DO THE DANCE be a song that will cheer you up on your worst day. Stay positive and DO THE DANCE ALL!”

This is a strong entry from the twenty year old pop talent and is set to be one of the favourites for Tu bije serce Europy! Wybieramy hit na Eurowizję 2023.

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