Katie Melua Releases ‘Golden Record’ From Upcoming New Album ‘Love and Money’

Katie Melua begins an exciting new chapter with upcoming album Love and Money and its lead single Golden Record. The singer’s ninth studio album arrives on March 24th and saw her collaborate with producer Leo Abrahams at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios.

A press release shares further details about what to expect from the album thematically: “The album sees Katie reflecting on her place in the world; the bonuses and challenges of being a woman in the music industry and the delicate balance of career and family life, all brought to life in a lush moment of personal acceptance and catharsis.”

On Golden Record, Katie shared: “This song that I wrote with Will Taylor explores me finding my place in the world between the demands and excitement of a music career and the ever gnawing feeling that there was a life at home I desired to have. One of those balances that so many people who work can relate to.”

The track embraces a poppier feel, with Katie’s always charismatic and soothing vocals lulling us into this breezy soundscape created by producer Leo Abrahams.

Tracklist for Love & Money:
1. Golden Record
2. Quiet Moves
3. 14 Windows
4. Lie In The Heat
5. Darling Star
6. Reefs
7. First Date
8. Pick Me Up
9. Those Sweet Days
10. Love & Money

Order Katie’s new LP here.

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