Ruben Delivers Beautifully Poignant New Single ‘I’m Sure He Loves You’

Ruben delivers a beautifully touching number in his latest single I’m Sure He Loves You, which follows his 2022 release Cry You a River and is expected to feature on an upcoming larger body of work from the singer-songwriter,

The lyrics are deeply personal exploring the impact left by a late father when in a relationship. Lines such as “And my father was the one who used to hold me down / But I’m sure he’s proud that I found someone to hold me now…” prove touching in this sensitive, affecting track from Ruben. Ruben’s delivery is tender, affecting and backed with instrumentation underpinned by a gentle guitar melody.

Ruben co-writes with Bjørn Helge Gammelsæter, Kristin Marie, Lars Rosness, Magnus Bertelsen, Markus Vikstvedt and Vegard Hurum. Bjørn Helge Gammelsæter, Markus Vikstedt and Vegard Hurum produce the track which is released through Universal Music Norway.

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